Comparison Of Selflessness In My Life: My Mother's Life

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If I were to die tomorrow I think one of the people’s heaven’s whom I would make an appearance in would be my mom’s. My mom is someone I look up to greatly and I feel has taught me many great lessons in life. However, one lesson she inadvertently taught me during my younger years, and one that I feel has stuck with me greatly would be the lesson of selflessness. When I was younger my mom always put me and my sister first, spending all her spare time with us, putting money towards us and everything we wanted before her, acts like that. Likewise, it is these acts that brought us close and these acts that I feel portray the lesson of selflessness that she would teach me in her heaven. Moreover, I feel that this lesson would help me in my journey…show more content…
My grandfather came to Canada when he was 17 and since arriving has done many extraordinary things, living his life to the fullest. He’s learnt several instruments to a great degree, he competed in car racing, and then switched to cycling races and now while still keeping up with his other talents is now a self taught professional photographer. Moreover, he took up all these hobbies in order to make the most out of his life, a very admirable attempt as well, however, he always also understood the importance of work. As a result, he made many of these hobbies into careers, teaching how to race cars, selling his photos as stock images tasks like that. This shows that he understands the need for a balance between enjoyment, taking up the hobbies, and work, making a job out of them. Subsequently, I feel that the lesson he would teach me would be to live your life within a balance between pleasure and work. Additionally, this lesson would push me towards “the Good” as it follows one of the Aristotle steps of becoming a virtuous person. The step I speak of is the one where Aristotle speaks of a life of moderation, living life in the middle, similar to how my grandfather kept his ambitions in a moderation between enjoyment and work. Employing this lesson of moderation would thus bring me closer to “the Good” as it follows one of the Aristotelian steps of becoming a virtuous

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