Athletes Get Paid Way Too Much Essay

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Are Entertainers Getting Paid Way Too Much? People complain that professional athletes are overpaid, but in reality with all the risks they face, their salary is acceptable. Athletes know that their paycheck relies on their capability to play the sport. Most of these professionals know to be cautious on the playing field because their career depends on it. Athletes aren’t being paid enough, even after the fact that an athlete’s paycheck relies on their physical health, they still sacrifice their bodies every game day to give the fans what they want. Fans constantly demand entertainment yet they argue that athletes are overpaid. If there were no incentives, there would be no entertainment. Coming into play with the entertainment world is publicity. Athletes are constantly scrutinized and then fined over the smallest things. For example, Marshall Lynch was fined $100,000 for refusing to talk to the press. Another example would be how NBA players get fined for talking back to the referees (Lauer). If athletes were paid the salary of teachers or police officers, they’d never get out of debt. In addition, because athletes are being…show more content…
Not to mention the unfairness of an athlete making significantly way more income than say a physician. They already make millions and facts prove that if they so choose to demand more they actually get it. Aside from that if they are a great and recognized athlete they can receive an extra income through companies that wish to endorse their products. Considering the circumstances of this day in age, when people are struggling to make ends meet, and cannot fathom the amount of income these athletes make even by hitting a ball with a bat. People can view this as very unfair and also see it as not as a job, but rather getting paid for having

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