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Poltergeists are angry spirits that haunt and interact with other objects around them. A poltergeist is a “mischievous spirit” that presents themselves by making sounds, moving objects, or causing general difficulties. a poltergeist is a type of ghost or paranormal being thought to be the cause of disturbances such as moving objects, loud noises, or inhuman abilities such such as levitation. The paranormal phenomena deemed “poltergeists” have been recorded by many people worldwide, reports of noises, thrown objects, and general mischief have been tied to these ghosts, although, they sound scary, but have not actually physically harmed / killed a single human being. So these ghosts are all talk. MY WORDS... The poltergeist is most likely well known ghost and the most fearing because it is a spirit that is said to get worse as a…show more content…
It's called poltergeists because the Germans named it and means noisy ghost in English. Some believe that their souls are trapped in a house angry and start harassing people. And people believe that poltergeists are made by humans and spirits. my words A poltergeist in folklore is a noisy and destructive (but usually mischievous, not malicious) ghost held to be responsible for unexplained noises and movement of objects within a home. It is hypothesized poltergeists are drawn to homes in which there are prepubescent children, especially girls. SOME GHOST STORIES live on because of the sheer terror they brought into the lives of those who experienced them firsthand. For the most part, ghosts and apparitions are harmless to those who witness them, flickering briefly into view to perform some timeless task or to relay a message to a loved one, and then fading back into the unknown. they said The word poltergeist came from the German language words

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