Grendel's Mother

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Beowulf has many themes, but one of the most prominent is a blending of Christian traditions and folk traditions and extols virtues of loyalty, courage, and faith in the face of dangers and even death. It presents a model of man willing to die for his fellow men from terrifying evil forces such as Grendel and his mother. In the beginning of the story, Grendel is introduced as the descendant of Cain, an evil Biblical figure. He is described as a, "...grim demon..." (102), and is terrorizing the Danes, "...inflicting constant cruelties on the people..." (165). Grendel is presented as a monster, which in the Bible, is an outsider, away from civilization, twisted. He had, "dwelt for a time / in misery among the banished monsters, / Cain's clan, whom the Creator had outlawed / and condemned as outcasts" (104-107). Grendel is a perfect monster, and personifies the devil character. Beowulf shows loyalty to his father by helping out his father's old friend by saving his kingdom from Grendel. Hrothgar said of Beowulf, "This man is their son, here to follow up an old…show more content…
Beowulf again showed loyalty and stayed in the land of the Geats to fight yet another monster who was threatening them. He dove down into the depths, all alone, to face this new monster, another devil figure who is isolated from society (1492-1496). This obviously was very courageous, as he knew that no one was going down there with him to have his back. Beowulf had faith that what was going to happen would be God's decision, so he went into the face-down with just his faith and his sword. Beowulf believed that God is the ultimate decider of fate, "What God judged right rule what happened / to every man as it does to this day" (2858). All of these attributes make Beowulf a hero, once again willing to die for others. His courage, loyalty, and faith in God all give him the characteristics of a traditional pagan and christian

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