What Is The Uncanny In Veertigo

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Vertigo is an amazing movie released in 1958 by Alfred Hitchcock. This movie is about a former detective (John “Scottie” Ferguson), hired by his friend (Gavin Elster) to investigate his wife (Madeleine) who is believe to be possess by a dead woman. However, during his investigation, Scottie fell in love with Madeleine. Unfortunately, Madeleine died and Scottie suffers from depression, until he saw this girl (Judy) and things starts to unravel. And because of the mysterious and surprising synopsis of the Hitchcock’s work, Vertigo made an impression to the critics. Therefore, this analysis will prove that this film is uncanny. The uncanny is where the familiar became unfamiliar, and when the past is hunting the present. To start with, the plot…show more content…
Almost the entire movie, the audience and also the main character Scottie believes that the person he follows is Madeleine Elster. Though, the reality is revealed in the end that it is actually Judy pretending to be Madeleine, when Scottie is watching her from afar, when in the scene where Madeleine is leaving their house, when she went to the cemetery, when she went to the hotel and lastly, when she drown herself in the bay. It was all part of Elster’s plan. Even when in the part where Scottie is helping Madeleine to figure out what causes her odd behaviour and to prove if she is really possess by a dead woman.Scottie thinks he is with the real Madeleine and even fell in love with her. And then, without anything or anyone interfering, Elster succeeded in murdering his wife, leaving the former detective depress. Also in the second half of the movie when Scottie revisits the places where he had seen Madeleine before until he found Judy. In his obsession, Scottie asks Judy to have a total make-over. She was asked to change her hair color and dress up like Madeleine. Almost at the end of the film, Scottie and Judy revisits the tower where Madeleine died. And then Scottie confronts Judy about the murder. All things considered, the uncanny thing about the characters is that, at first Scottie didn’t know Judy pretends to be Madeleine, and then the second thing is that, Judy didn’t know that Scottie already figure out that she pretends to be someone else. One more thing, is that that female characters in the movie, Carlotta, Madeleine and Judy, were loved, used and gets rid of by the men they

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