Nina Simone's Use Of Symbolism In Strange Fruit And Be Free

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Nina Simone the author of “Strange Fruit” uses Symbolism while J. Cole Author of “Be Free” uses repetition and Hyperbole. This impacts the poems because it gives the readers another way to to see their writing.J.Cole the author of “Be Free” gets to the point while Nina Simone author of “Strange Fruit” wants the readers to think deeper and investigate. The first author Nina Simone author of “Strange Fruit” uses the craft move of symbolism that impacts her poem and gives it a deeper way to read it. According to the poem,“Blood on the leaves and blood at the root”.This quote shows symbolism because it means something bigger which is that it represent slavery and how they were treated in the time of slavery. “Blood on the leaves” is the author way to say they were lynched near the trees and maybe even killed.According to…show more content…
The reason the author used repetition was because he is trying to tell the readers that this is important and he wants the reader to understand what he is trying to say.The author is referring to slavery and going to jail. I do think it's about slavery but not about jail because you will not very be sent to jail for doing something wrong .The only reason they're in jail is because they did something wrong or against the

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