Enhancement In Michael Sandel's 'The Case Against Perfection'

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In “The Case Against Perfection”, Michael Sandel argues against the subject on enhancement being wrong. Sandel believes that we have to accept the fact of who we are when it comes to the physical aspects we obtained naturally from birth. In this essay, I will be siding with Sandel’s argument, as is unnecessary to enhance ourselves due to the fact that many of our characteristics that we gained from birth are beyond our control. Michael Sandel believes that enhancement gives an unfair advantage to those who are not enhanced in our society. Sandel also states that enhancement is rather useless when it comes to the ability to cure or prevent diseases. In addition, Sandel also believes that we should accept the fact on what characteristics the natural lottery gives us for a newborn…show more content…
The use a growth hormone to make your kid taller is pointless when newborn babies come in many different shapes and sizes. We do not have the ability to genetically engineer babies in our world today. The use of enhancements also creates an arms race between those who are enhanced and unenhanced. When an athlete like Barry Bonds uses enhancements like steroids to increase muscle and strength, it creates an unfair advantage to non-steroid users due to the lack of training that an enhanced person has to do. In addition, the issue on who gets enhanced is also created in this case, as the rich is more likely going to get access to enhancements before the poor. Moreover, enhancement does not cure or prevent diseases; it only has the ability to change the physical aspects of a person. Suppose a newborn baby with a big nose going though the process of plastic surgery to make the nose smaller. The baby’s appearance is being enhanced in this case, but it does not prevent a disease from happening. Would you be happier if you had a healthy baby with a big nose or an unhealthy baby who

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