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Class Power Essay After reading both texts Democracy for the Few and The Struggle for Democracy I came to the conclusion that America indeed was established by the wealthy upper class, that it was built to accommodate their wants and needs and it continues to be that way even after all the progress this beautiful country has made and I unfortunately believe it will remain the same for many years. Parenti mentions that out of the thirteen states twelve of them had the law that permitted only white male, property owners to vote. This meant that only a small percentage had this privilege but not only that, also native americans who were the original citizens of America had basically no rights! For many years we have pride ourselves on not having a monarchy or novelty like other countries such as england, we pride ourselves on evolutionizing so early into democracy. However since the 1770’s we have had some sort…show more content…
I believe it depends, I definitely agree with certain aspects but disagree with others. To begin with both authors had a very different approach to the topic of class power. Second although they both agree with the idea that America has been dominated by the upper class, they have different opinions about the role that the wealthy play in our society nowadays. Greenberg is very concrete and formal about addressing class power. He gives the facts and lets you think wand come to your very own concussion. After reading his chapter I agreed with him about how the framers were concerned about national interest, economic stability among others even though for the most part those benefits applied for the most part to the wealthy upper class. However after reading Parenti’s opinion I started to think that all of the laws that protect us and all the rights we now were specifically design for the wealthy and we are lucky to enjoy those rights and benefits today since they were meant to protect only the wealthy, white
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