Comparison Of Kevin Durant And Lebron James

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In life we always compare & contrasts many things, either to inform or support. Topics that you know very well is the best way to begin a successful essay. I chose to compare & contrast two NBA superstars that are highly successful. Kevin Durant & LeBron James have been headlining across the country with their talent & agility. Every season that goes by, there isn’t a time where they disappoint, instead they do the complete opposite & stun spectators even more into showing people why they’re the most dominant players of the decade. Even though these are two completely different players, success will always play a role in their careers due to the dedication & hard work demonstrated throughout the years. Kevin Durant has found success throughout…show more content…
He was drafted by the Seattle Supersonics, which were relocated in 2008 due to their poor winning percentage. They were relocated to Oklahoma City which now are known as the Oklahoma City Thunder. Durant declared for the NBA draft one year after playing college basketball for the University of Texas. He took a huge risk leaving college for the big leagues with minimal basketball experience acquired. When he was drafted in 2007, Kevin Durant wasn’t capable of bench pressing 185 pounds. That’s a big deal because during the draft combine, the minimum amount of weight required to bench press is 185 pounds. “Everyone flipped their collective crap when Kevin Durant wasn’t able to bench press 185 pounds. He was the only player at the combine unable to do so and certain media personalities immediately took that and proclaimed he’d be a bust because of it.” (Young, Royce) Although he couldn’t bench press the expected amount, Durant is now able to lift 315 pounds. He has a ridiculous 7 foot 4 inch wingspan while he himself is 6 foot 9 inch. Every year, there is always controversy & talk within media regarding his wingspan. Unlike James, Kevin Durant is adored by many people in the NBA.…show more content…
Both of them had a rough childhood, they had hard working single mothers providing for them when they were in need. Occasionally, they both had to move to live in different locations. Through their talent & hard work they were able to overcome the biggest stage into becoming professional basketball players. When it comes to points, both average about 30 points per game. The rookie of the year has gone to both players, including the MVP award. In 2012 Olympics, Durant & LeBron were teammates representing team USA. USA defeated Spain in the finals & everyone received their gold metals. Currently being the best players in the league, they are sponsored by Nike, thus having their own shoe brand. They have played a role as actors in the past, starring in their own films; Kevin Durant on Thunderstruck in 2012 & LeBron James on More Than a Game in 2008. As forwards in the NBA, they have the ability to be versatile meaning they are able to play various positions in drastic

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