Arguments Against Police Brutality

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There have been numerous accounts of the unfair treatment that police officers direct towards certain groups of people. Excessive force has been used unnecessarily towards people that in some cases weren’t even guilty. Laws protect the same individuals that are treating others like animals. Cases go unnoticed because of faulty police reports and never make it to trial. The police are protected more than the citizens. Police brutality is a result of the faultiness in police protocol. There should be laws to restrict and limit the amount of power and authority police officers have to protect the rights of all people. Lately, more acts of violence have been committed by those in power. However, they are not as often convicted as one may like…show more content…
In most cases the cops have the last say and usually falsify the evidence so that they are not convicted of their wrongful acts. In the past few years, cops have used illegal weapons in order to maintain order such as Tasers to scare the majority. “The criminal misuse of TASERs seems more likely to suspects who are already handcuffed, or even citizens who are clearly not criminals at all”(Stinson 2-3). Malicious officers are taking complete advantage of their power and causing uproar among the innocent. They are purposely going out of their way to put the citizen in harm’s way and endangering their lives. The long standing debate that has troubled possibly every law enforcement agency is whose rights are more important. The advancement of technology has allowed content to spread like wildfire. The average person can upload a video that will determine the fate or outcome of the altercation. The possibility of visual evidence “…strengthen incentives for law enforcement to use only reasonable force or risk being exposed to the media, facing professional discipline, or even prosecution…However…when they attempt to use their recordings…are arrested themselves”(Van Tassell 2). They are arrested because the policemen are covered under privacy rights. This allows the cops to roam free do as they
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