Sunjata Vs Gilgamesh Research Paper

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Everyone has heard the common saying how out of all the seven billion people that live in this world, not a single one has the exact identical fingerprint as the other. This could be said of Kings as well. Two especially prominent early civilization kings were Sunjata of Old Mali and Gilgamesh of Uruk. It’s a common known conception that a king is just born into royalty, well that is not true for all. It has also been evident in history that a king is not always liked by his people, but people can change for the better. These two kings varied in their growths as their epics grew longer, in their leadership qualities, and most importantly in their journey to becoming a great king they were destined to be. Sunjata was always destined to take over Manden before he was even born. This is why his mother’s cowives were so persistent on trying to murder him when he was just a fetus in his mother’s, Sogolon, uterus. For seven years they gave her miscarriage medicines to make her belly shrink, since her delilu, magic, continued to make it grow unless the medicine was ingested.…show more content…
Both kings experienced a growth along the way. Sunjata’s was a physical growth into where he was crippled and confined for the first seven years of his life to becoming one of the strongest army members. Ultimately defeating Sumaworo with his dalilu and his physical strength and skills he had gained over his time of exile. On the other hand, Gilgamesh had more of a spiritual growth. He was a terrible tyrant that took whatever he pleased from his people. As the story progressed, he became dependent on Enkidu, but then Enkidu was ripped away from him leaving him to be alone once again. He ended differently from where he started in the fact that, he was now humble and willing to help his people and to be kind to them for the rest of his ruling as king of

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