Analysis Of 'Radio Raheem As Depicted In The Film'

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As a result of fighting against the social injustice between the authority and Blacks, conflicted groups create a type of hidden understanding and unity with one another. In many scenes of the film, “hot” has been a term to define the intensity of an argument, but as we see toward the end of the film, we observe that the “hottest” scene occurs during an anticipated cold evening. After the minor fight between Sal and Radio Raheem breaks loose, Da Mayor tries to separate the two; however, he isn’t able to separate the two and that leads the police to become involved. As the police begin their actions, the policemen become too brutal with Radio Raheem and that causes the mob to become rowdier. As Da Mayor senses the thicker tensions between the community and the authority, Da Mayor peacefully tries to persuade the mob to disperse and says, “If we don’t stop this now, we’ll all regret it” (83).…show more content…
As Da Mayor directs Sal and his boys toward a safer location, he makes sure to not partake in the violent actions the community is participating in. In contrast, we see Mother Sister yelling “this is our neighborhood” at the police and this contrast supports the thought of putting aside differences in order to figure out what is best for the community. In order to avoid the community in becoming hypocrites and killers, Da Mayor pulls aside Sal and his boys to prevent the mob from beating them. As for Mother Sister, she is making the community’s purpose known and that the community will use the destruction of Sal’s Pizzeria as an example of what can happen if the police continue with

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