Why Teens Join Gangs In California?

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Gangs in California are fairly precarious. They have four major ones out there and they are very vicious. Gangs in California are out there for many things, not just to kill or sell drugs. They are out there to get from the cold world and the ghetto. People want to know they form gangs, why teens join, and can they ever get out? They form gangs because they either want an improved status or money. Hile says, “About 20-35 year olds form gangs” (Hile, 6). They form gangs to become fearful in their neighborhood or around the city. They want to have an improved status, so their empire or gang can become better advanced and durable than before. In California, the gangs, there are very precarious. They don’t care about anything, other than, the money they're bringing in and not going to jail. Occasionally, they required to go against families. One former gang leader from the bloods said, “It’s a cold world we live in, you either die with a gun or die because of a gun.”…show more content…
Some teens join gangs because of the money, excitement or fast life. Other teens join as of problems at home or a better life than what they have now. It’s very rare when a teen is born in a gang, since rarely families are together, their either separated or dead. One expert says, “Teens join gangs as a way to escape abuse or to join a different family” (Hile, 13). Teens also join gangs because they want attention from their parents or are dealing with bullying at school. When teens join gangs they feel on top of the world like they won a trophy. At times, Parents don’t pay attention to their child and they try to overlook them or they don’t acknowledge them. Parents need to be there for kids, no matter what, if they don’t want them joining

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