Arguments Against Gun Control

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Americans take their constitutional amendments very seriously, so when there’s a large group of people trying to take away the second amendment, the right to bear arms, Americans tend to get tremendously testy, but there are some situations in which there is no way to avoid the control of guns to a certain demographic. The government should require mental evaluations for anyone wanting to buy a gun because it would prevent mass shooting, decrease suicide rates, and people who aren’t in sound mind and have poor judgement shouldn’t have a deadly weapon. The earth as a whole is plagued with violence and death but the development of the gun has massively increased both by allowing a single person to kill multiple people in the matter of seconds. Gun violence in recent years has been the center of controversy over rather we should have, and the extent of gun control. The biggest argument against implementing gun control is that guns don’t kill, people do so instead of applying laws to guns they should be applied to people who cannot be trusted to own their own guns without causing harm to themselves or others. Although restricting guns for those whose mental illness invokes harm is something almost everyone…show more content…
Since guns provide an almost painless instant death they are the most common method of suicide. “People with metal illness are 10-15 percent more likely to commit suicide than a member of the general public” (Binder). While suicide rates in America are not the highest in the world, they are still higher than they were ten years ago, and limiting access to guns to those who are more likely to cause harm to themselves could help lower the percentage of national suicided. Although it would not completely stop suicide it will do so much more to prevent it from those who have a moment of weakness or lapped

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