Argument Against Gun Control

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One of the biggest controversies in the United States in the past decade has been gun control. This issue has divided the nation and has created dissension between the government and the citizens. In chapter 20 of The Prince Machiavelli disagrees with the concept of rulers disarming their citizens of their weaponry. Even though Machiavelli spoke of this many centuries ago this philosophy of disarming one’s citizens can be just as visible in modern times. Prohibition of guns destroys trust and loyalty, thus society will protest this infringement of their natural right to bear arms. Trust is an extremely important factor in a relationship between a nation’s government and the people that are under it. Without a strong sense of trust a nation’s…show more content…
Just like trust disarming ones guns offends the citizens because it shows that the government distrusts them due to their “lack of loyalty” (Machiavelli 89), which will generate hatred against the government. One of the ways that one can see that the government has lost the trust of its followers is when citizens protest. There have been many protests against gun control. According to the website, USA Today, a protest that caught the nation’s attention is the one where approximately “five thousand people got together in West Capitol Park in New York City” and protested against the newly ordinance that banned guns (USA Today). “The citizens condemned Governor Andrew Cuomo and the government for the way that they passed the new law in less than twenty-four hours” (USA Today). Citizens also said that the law went against the Second Amendment that protects their right of bearing arms. Not only did the government lose the citizens loyalty, but they also lost their trust. A solution to this issue is to have a regulation on who is allowed to carry a firearm, people have a criminal record or a mental issue record should not be allowed to carry

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