Argument Against Gun Control

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Violence has always been a solution to all our problems in our society. It is our human nature to use force in order to achieve one’s aspiration. Frequently, most of the time evil minds will turn into evil hands, and evil hands will result in spilling innocent blood. For decades, we have witnessed crimes committed in schools that are just not acceptable. Schools are supposed to be a safe place to develop necessary life skills and make a better environment for our nation. For instance, bullying and school shootings have always been a problem in our society, an issue that worries million of parents that should be satisfied in leaving their children in a safe, educated place to become better citizens. In reality, the truth is can you really teach a bully not bully? Can you really teach a violent man not to shot a gun? Do guns harm people or is it just the individual behind it?…show more content…
When in fact, it should be utilized for the self-protection of innocent lives. We were taught from a very young age that humans kill humans. Guns are just a tool for us to achieve that in an efficient way. So why don’t we all just carry around a gun? Let every family be armed to protect themselves in any situation. Let every kid walking to school carry a gun and train them how to use this weapon from a young age. Let every kid at school carry a gun to show that they have power and scared away their enemies. Let every disabled person carry a gun to protect themselves from any harm that comes their way. Let every woman carry a gun to avoid sexual assault at any given time. Let every millionaire carry a gun to protect their assets. Let every gangster carry a gun to kill more of their rivals. Guns don’t just have to be a tool; it can turn into an accessory to show your power, your wealth and your strength. Sometimes we have to use violent as our last resort to create

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