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A Moment of Passion “A moment of passion from which there is no return,” as stated by Norma Molen in Another Mother’s Child: A Letter to a Murdered Son, is just one of the strong statements that is narrated by her letter in which she read at the Lincoln Memorial, for a rally against the use of guns. Unfortunately Molens has first-hand experience due to losing her son from a shooting that involved a female student, at the same college, and her ex-boyfriend who attended Stanford. While her personal attachment to the situation is quite understandable and very tragic, her claim is to make guns illegal or have stricter policies, but her claim is easily diminished by her own lack of intelligence. In this letter which she wrote to her murdered son,…show more content…
Even still in her letter to her son, she does not mention the man behind the trigger and the unbelievably heinous crime he committed, rather she just mentions the gun itself. Molens does mentions that “Drexler, ironically a German, could never have committed this crime in his own country because he couldn’t have purchased a gun.” People kill regardless of their weapon and had Drexler had a knife he would have committed the same exact crime, murder. She hardly states any statistics about her own country and focuses primarily on the safety in other countries. Her claim about gun policies is driven solely on the fact that she lost her son because some guy went crazy one night due to this strong emotion we call “love.” Had Molens used more facts about the gun policy in America she may have made a logical argument but just stating “…25,000 last year,” that are deaths due to killings by a gun is not enough evidence and not reliable information. “You would still be alive if you had been born in England, France, Germany, or…show more content…
She makes remarks about how she has brought her son up in such a violent land and that other countries are way safer than our own. However, she forgets that the Europeans introduced this mad machine used for killing to the Americas. Her claim weakens more when she says “…victims killed in their own land because their senators and representatives did not have the integrity and common sense to establish laws that protect the public.” We have several laws regarding gun control, but just as we have made heroin and speed illegal and laws about owning and possessing such items, people will still get their hands on them, and they will still use them, regardless of any law, so to personally attack the representatives of this country, lowers her chances of persuading the American people. Many Americans are built on their great strength of the American ways, of freedom, and the right to bear arms as stated in our constitution. “You would still be alive if you had been born in England, France, Germany, or Japan,” Molens stated, but just as I had mentioned in my previous paragraphs, people kill regardless. Even if Drexler couldn’t have gotten his hands on a gun, who knows what he would have done. This prediction that she states in her letter is just that, a prediction. Unfortunately people die every day, and we cannot blame

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