Public Display Of Affection: How Much Is Too Much?

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An Argumentative/Pesuasive Essay Methods of Topic Development Name: Shelan Alonzo; Tara Gordoncillo Section: BC 12 - LL Contact #: Date: March 16 2015 Originality: Public Display of Affection: How Much is Too Much? Cynthia, a Divinity school student, sees a couple who were kissing, bear hugging, and even dong some very inappropriate actions which is also called Public Display of Affection or PDA. The couple’s actions made her feel disgusted and uncomfortable. As a student, she feels disrespected because she believes that doing those actions should be done behind close doors and also thinks that the couple should be responsible enough to know the consequences. They…show more content…
When students get distracted, they tend to not focus on their studies resulting to lowering of grades by the end of the semester. Although they get inspired of what they see, too much of this can affect their grade which could lead to failing. It also gives students something to talk about making them not concentrate in what they’re supposed to do. “school property is not an appropriate place for public displays of affection between couples, and that students’ attention needs to be focused on school work”(Aquino). Couples should know their boundaries as to when, where and how they show their romance to the world. They should understand that what they’re doing may be influencing young people or distracting others who have more important things to do. Public display of affection should not be implemented in public places due to inappropriate actions because such acts can be interpreted as disrespecting other people, or could result to social discrimination. If ever PDA could be stopped, the world would go on with their lives without any

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