Aldous Huxley's Brave New World

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The excerpt from Aldous Huxley's 'Brave New world' goes over three individuals point of views on freedom, heroism and what it means to be truly alive. I get the impression that they live in a society where no one wants for anything, they don't need to go through stress or trials to live the way they want. Everything is 'perfect'. The Savage character seems to feel this is wrong and that you should be able to feel unhappy and toil in order to feel alive. I will be identifying literary elements and techniques of this excerpt for this essay. There are two different types of conflict in this excerpt, Man vs. Society and Man vs. Nature. The plot seems to be whether or not humans should have to work hard in order to be comfortable and if every one is too comfortable all the time, than how can one fully appreciate those times if they're never at a loss for anything. The Savage is a person who wants to be able to feel all the inconveniences that…show more content…
The character Mustapha Mond shows incredulity at The Savages willingness to suffer or be ''unhappy''. The vocabulary used by The Savage shows he is knowledgeable about Shakespearean literature and passionate about life and its toils. The Controller and Mustapha Mond use a lot of vocabulary that might be confusing until explained to The Savage and the reader. An example of a Visual Image and use of figurative language is: ''If after every tempest came such calms, may the winds blow till they have wakened death..''. It also paints the picture of a chaotic storm that never stops raging, which also sounds like a metaphor for life. As far as style goes the excerpt seems to have an almost argumentative tone about what life should be. A literary technique that is used is
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