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In today’s society we are bound to use technology as a utensil for many aspects of our lives. Technology is a disadvantage that dictates our lives and creates a world in which knowledge and ideas are lost. Technology is a terrible utensil due to the fact that individuals are not thinking with the availability of it. Knowledge is arbitrary and can come from different sources if students pay close enough attention to the information; technology prevents this. The use of technology can limit individuals from having their own opinions and learning information that is actually true. Technology takes us out of reality by disrupting our learning and taking advantage of our need to interact and participate. The idea of learning from technology is discussed…show more content…
Technology is a distraction to individuals by causing them to not pay attention during class because they are busy using social media or texting. In Davidson’s passage she implies that students learn best when they are paying attention and focusing. By focusing students learn best, however, she states “It was a little wild, a little wicked exactly what you have to do to a calculated exercise in disruption, difference, distraction, and difference: a lesson in institutional unlearning…”(Davidson 50). Davidson contradicts herself with this statement due to the fact that she wants individuals to have different learning techniques but she also wants them to unlearn their own technique for that of a teacher. Either way if individuals unlearn or learn the knew technique to access technology it will be chaotic and things will not change due to the fact that individuals are not learning because of the interruption that technology causes in their lives. Davidson wants individuals to focus, however, she promotes distractions in learning by promoting technology. The key word that Davidson uses is calculated, where she implies that individuals will still learn according to a schedule, however the outcome of this was that individuals were too focused creating learning applications that there was no learning going on for them. Davidson does admit that iPods wasted class…show more content…
Participation increases learning, however, in many cases technology limits our ability to actively participate in communities. Davidson shows that individuals are “learning” while participating, however, she shows that individuals are not interacting with their peers but with companies who are using them for their knowledge. As stated in the text “…if you predict the result in any way, if you try to force a solution, you limit the participation and there the likelihood of success… the community most served by the solution should be chiefly involved in the process of finding it” (Davidson 51). Davidson is promoting community and participation but throughout her passage she is trying conceal the fact that she is not working to help individuals learn but for money from companies. Davidson is bias due to the fact that she works for Duke and they are trying to sell a product. The corruptions of individuals show that they want money and not want to teach individuals knowledge. Technology is this utensil to promote individuals so that they can obtain money. This limits our ideas and takes us out of reality due to the fact that we believe our teachers are helping us learn but they are merely trying to promote technology and companies. Davidson is doing what Nelson is trying to warn individuals about; which is the community activism that in

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