Spanish And Aztecs What Is Right Essay

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No one has the right to come to someone’s homeland and tell them how to live their lives and what to believe in. Thus, the Aztecs had every right to act the way they did towards the Spanish. History has an explicit way of telling a stimulating yet clear story. It clearly shows who was in the right and who was in the wrong. In the case of the Spanish and the Aztecs, it does not take a historian to be able to analyze the story and realize that the Aztecs did what they did to fight for and protect their way of life. According to "The Spanish Conquest of Mexico [FULL DOCUMENTARY]", when the Spanish arrived at Tenochtitlan, the Aztecs were expecting their god to come back in the appearance of a white man on a horse. The Spanish conquistador,…show more content…
Blood was everywhere, consequently the Aztecs grew resolutely upset at what had just happened. The Aztecs were so angry that they stopped providing food to the castle, where their own kin resided. The Spanish were beginning to starve and needed to get out of the castle, which is exactly what the Aztecs wanted. This marked the first time they ever reacted without permission from their king. They were fighting back after the horrific event at the Temple and were beginning to lose faith in Montezuma. Cortes came back with reinforcements and after fighting for four days, he took Montezuma to the top of the castle and made him try to convince his people to end the fighting. This infuriates the Aztecs because they feel betrayed by their own kin and they responded by throwing rocks at him. The blows from the rocks injured Montezuma. Though it is not proven, many believe that the injuries he suffered from the rocks thrown by his own people may have killed him. At this point, the Spanish direly had to leave the castle, the problem was that the Aztecs destroyed the bridges that connected Tenochtitlan to main land. The Spanish made portable bridges, packed as much gold as they could carry, and waited until it was very

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