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Education plays a vital role in influencing the youth of today. Children spend hours every day learning information that affects their entire future. They spend more time in a classroom setting than they do at home, and school becomes an intricate part in shaping their lives. Kids should have the best teaching possible since this part of their life has a big influence on what happens later on. Every student learns slightly differently than each other however there are three distinct learning styles that modify the way each student learns. Because there are three different learning styles, ranging from visual to auditory, teachers should work on developing their lessons to aid students in learning to the best of their abilities. Kinesthetics…show more content…
Some students just need to move their foot up and down to help them focus on the tasks they have to complete. Other students need to be able to walk around to help clear their heads before they can do their work. Teachers should allow these students to do what is necessary for them to learn as long as it is not disrupting the rest of the class. Students will “best understand and retain the information if [they] can touch it, play with it, and manipulate it” (Lamarche-Bisson). When teachers are teaching something important they should try to develop it into something these students can touch and play with. Something that can help the students is by making them write in different colors and with different types of pens and pencils. The different feeling of these writing utensils will help them focus and also help them remember what they wrote later. Hands on learners also benefit well with puzzles and other items that they can put together and take apart. By letting these students work with their hands, the teacher is letting them absorb tons of information. They are unlike the visual learners who need to see everything they are…show more content…
They are the ones that are most suited for lectures and can most likely memorize all the words to every song. They are very talkative because they can remember more information when they can hear others talk and themselves. When they read papers and other activities and lessons out loud their brains process the information more efficiently. Since auditory learners are the most talkative they “should be given many opportunities to express [themselves]” (Lamarche-Bisson). These learners can understand clearly when they are asked questions and given opportunities to speak freely in the classroom. However, sometimes auditory learners can talk too much and can disrupt the flow of the classroom. It is okay to let students talk sometimes but in other times the student should just be listening and learning. Teaching these students is fairly easy because most teachers already plan their lessons the way auditory students learn but there are always better ways to plan

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