Scorpions: An Argumentative Analysis

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For a long period of time, man has considered themselves the superior species in comparison to other animal species, and why wouldn’t we? We are subjective, and we do possess some unique qualities amongst other species. However, one could seriously question this theory by taking a comparing the cognitive abilities, prejudices, adaptability, emotion and communication between both humans and animals. Cognition When discussions about superiority arise, intelligence as well as cognitive capabilities are one of the main topics brought up. Cognition can be defined as the ability to “recognize, remember, reason, communicate, perceive, adapt to change, problem solve and understand.” The human brain is considered one of the most complex functions to ever exist; however, other animals are known for their amazingly complex cognitive functions as well. Humans were once known for being the only organisms to have spindle neurons, brain cells associated with cognition and emotion; however, researchers were mystified and baffled when they saw that a…show more content…
A scorpion is known for living in a desert, and food is known to dwindle here. As a result of that, scorpions are able to decrease its own metabolism to as little as one third of its normal function, and they are able to live on very little oxygen. They can be perfectly satiated on as little as a bug or two per year, and they can also be frozen overnight due to the harsh climates in the desert, thaw out the next morning, and walk away like nothing ever happened. Scorpions, like many other animals, are able to deal with new challenges that come their way in order to thrive just like the average human. Granted, humans are able to adapt to new climates and situations, but so are other

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