Hierarchial Management Concept

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INTRODUCTION: This conceptual project is made up of 10 concepts derived from the module “concept of administration” block 2. Each of the concept that will be addressed in real life project work will also be described in terms of its meaning ,critical analysis,personal life, application to current job and reference of current research evidence. It will go further to describe in details the concept relationship between personal, social and professional life. 1. CONCEPT 1:CONFLICT RESOLUTION This concept is derived from block 2 module 6 titled “conflict resolution and collective bargaining”conflict resolution has to do with resolving a dispute. It is a normal part of every healthy relationship and it is imperative to learn how to resolve…show more content…
CONCEPT 2-MASLOW HIERARCHY OF NEEDS. Maslow hierarchy of needs is a famous theory of psychology which was proposed by Abraham Maslow in 1943. This theory illustrates a hierarchical nature of needs. It emphasizes on meeting both lower and higher needs. The lower the need in the hierachy, the more fundamental they are and the more a person tends to abandon the higher needs in other to pay attention to adequately meeting the lower needs. The hierachy presented in this theory includes physiological needs,safety,love and belonging,self esteem and self actualization to describe the elements which motivates an individual. This framework is very famous in the field of psychology, sociology and research. Maslow also emphasized on the need for self-actualization which only but few accomplish because our society reward motivation based on self esteem, love and social…show more content…
CURRENT RESEARCH: Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is one of the most famous theories of human motivation and is well known in the field of psychology(Simmons,2009). Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is a useful organization framework that can be applied to the various nursing models for the assessment of a patient strenght,limitation, and need for nursing intervention{Smeltzer SC, BARE BG.2004}. Our findings suggest that maslow theory is largely correct in cultures all over the world,the fulfillment of his proposed needs correlates with happiness {Diener,2011}. According to Maslow’s hierachy, motivating a person depends on knowing at what level that a person is on the hierarchy. 3. NURSE STAFFING AND QUALITY CARE IN NURSING PRACTICE: Staffing is employing adequate and qualified personnel in appropriate position to produce a reasonable outcome. Having enough nurses to properly manage patient flow affects

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