Case Study 5.1 Area Requirements

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Chapter 5 NEEDS 5.1 Area Requirements Summary The area requirements refer to the spaces of the built environment represented in square meters that will be used by the end users with efficiency and effectiveness. In order to achieve the needs for each function, careful planning, consideration and proper use of each area requirements must be thoroughly studied. These needs will help achieve adequacy, quality and a well-organized space for the use of the occupants. The propose complex is composed of seven general spaces and three service facilities which are subdivided and distributed in the site according to their particular functions. Every structure is planned carefully for easy access when navigating from building to building. Each facility utilizes specific land area in the site according to the calculation of spaces of each building footprint. The project considered the distribution of…show more content…
The detailed area requirements of these outdoor facilities are enumerated on Table 5.3.1. 5.4 Parking Requirements Standards and Regulations were followed in planning the parking lot. Presented in Tables below are the parking slot tabulation and the parking area computation. The sufficient availability of parking places for handicapped were provided in all cases and this was regulated by law. In designing parking lots for the Urban Entertainment Complex, BP 344 is observed and included in the design and planning. One accessible parking slot is provided for the handicapped per 50 parking slots up to 150 slots and an additional slot for every 100 slots thereafter. 5.5 Land Use Requirements Land use requirements refer to the use of the land area for the different facilities of the project. Diagram 5.1 shows the allocation of land area to the different facilities. 5.6 Budget Estimates

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