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1. Painting portrait: An experiment Instruction: The main idea of this experiment is to find the different expression from friends and strangers which have similar backgrounds and under the same communication context – which formed a “tradition” in our society. To paint “me and the feeling you caught up from me” as the theme, which the whole process will be recorded as the test result. Methodology: On the day that the experiment was performed, four friends were invited. Two of them were familiar with me, one was nearly a stranger and the last one was my colleague. They had common features - same age, women, on-the-job and not good at drawing. The instructions would be offered before the painting and the theme of this test was to draw me…show more content…
I intend to introduce 2 animations. The first one named “Tank for Love” was a stop-motion animation, which told a story about love and desperation. The black walls with colourful frames around the man composed in a cage for him. The huge tank contained a scary sea monster, which killed his wife when she was diving. The whole story was the man’s memoir ended up with his own death. It was a journey I could experience with no harm but express the conflict and extreme emotions inside me via a peaceful way. “Fly Me to the Moon” was another short animation for protecting animals killed for fashion industry. I chose a rabbit according to the Chinese ancient legend “Chang-O Flees to the Moon”. To respond the traditional theme, brush was utilized as the main tool and only black and red appeared in this short film. Terror and despair were my main feelings I wished to express. The group of pictures illustrating amusing scenarios of four seasons was published in my WeChat Official Account – a kind of blogger – to help release the stress for people whom are working under extreme pressure. I hope that I can gather the bright colours and refer them to peace and warmth, together to enlighten my readers’

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