Amazon: The Generic Competitive Strategy Of Amazon

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The generic competitive strategy of Amazon is the target market. The target market is a broad group of people all over the world. Amazon has customers since the beginning. People shop at Amazon for the price, the convenience, and value. The market targets people such as young, middle age, and older people with individual needs, and people with family needs. New parents are Amazon target market because they can order everything the baby need such as diapers and other items. The convenience that parents with little children they can shop online instead and intend to the baby. Amazon is great, and they care about their customers. The customers who are parents is great for retailers such as Amazon. Customers shop at Amazon for the best value. Prime…show more content…
Amazon has a warehouse which pack, sort, and have the books available for any sellers. Amazon Alexa which is different from other competitors. The Ford Motor Company is partnering with Amazon Prime with installing Alexa in Ford vehicles(Robischon,2017). Amazon Prime offers unlimited streaming, two-day shipping, Prime Now, Prime Music, Amazon Dash, and Prime early access. Amazon is using a defensive approach in the organization to the customer. In the organization managers from Amazon speaks about the owner Jeff Bezos. His strategy for his customers is they come first. Bezos has a nickname called empty chair because Bezos seat is for the customer’s. The management team works hard to full fill customer’s needs. The management team looks at weekly reviews to track any issues with customers’ orders or what they can improve. The team at Amazon is on the customers side and Bezos is about the customers satisfaction always. An example how Jeff Bezos cares about his customers. One day the former leader of Amazon name Simon Murdoch. A delivery in place at 4 p.m. in U.K Bezos insists that Murdoch presses the delivery order at 6 p.m. Now same-day delivery in ten cities in the U.S and continue…show more content…
Amazon operates in several countries such as India, Spain, United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, Japan, Canada, and France. All these countries use Amazon Prime. India is growing fast in e-commerce market., started offering the customers Prime membership between $7.50 and $15.00. In India Prime service customers in 100 cities to receive one to two-day delivery of goods. Prime Now is offered to Premium members in the Madrid fast delivery. Prime Now delivery is offered in Spain at no cost, but a fee of $6.50 within an hour. Over 18,000 products include even fresh and frozen items and Prime Now is available in United Kingdom, London, Manchester, and Liverpool. In the fall of 2017 Amazon just open a large facility in Italy near Rome. The size is over 60,000 feet at a price of $168 million(Enright,2016). Amazon Prime offers fast shipping, early entries to sales, and free photo storage in every country. Amazon serves any customer who has access to the

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