My Last Shot-Personal Narrative

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The year I turned 15, my father, Lee Svoboda, drew a buck tag. I had only ever shot one deer before in my life, but this was my opportunity for me to shoot a massive buck. I packed my bags the night before the season began and when I woke, Dad and I set out on our adventure. The middle of the next day we arrived at our destination, Kimball, SD. And that is where this trek takes place. We spent the first night we were there visiting with our relatives in Kimball, which was kind of fun, I suppose. But talking with relatives wasn’t what I went out there for. I was there with only one thing in mind. To shoot something huge. When we had our fill of our relatives we went home to get some sleep before we woke up at five in the morning to get our hunt on.…show more content…
Then I ate a couple of bagels for breakfast and packed a thermos full of hot chocolate. Then, it was time to set out to kill something. When we pulled the truck up to the private land that our relatives own, we knew there was going to be something big in there. The area didn’t look any better than anywhere else, but I had this feeling in my gut, a feeling that I knew meant one thing: There was a big animal in here. We found the stand that we always sit in, and I climbed all the way to the top with my .270 Winchester on my back. Then we sat and waited. It was almost nine in the morning when my dad decided that we were going to head home and wait for the evening. But as he was saying that popped out a massive seven by seven buck from the brush. I look at my dad and he smiles and gives me his nod of approval. I sight in slowly, trying to keep my breathing under control. My heart was pounding out of my chest as I zoom in to get a bit better of a shot at this beast. Then in one fluid motion, I take the gun off safe and

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