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Ancient India and China were one of the four first human civilizations to emerge more than 5000 years ago. Ancient India developed around 2500 BCE along the Indus River. The Ancient China Civilization developed along the Huang He River (Yellow River), and the Yangtze River around 2000BCE. Historians and scholars have discovered and learned more about the Chinese civilization than Ancient India. Scholars and historians have discovered and learned more about Ancient China because they were able to decipher Ancient Chinese writing system. The Harrapan civilization had developed an ancient Sanskrit writing system that has been impossible to decipher. Most of their civilization was destroyed and still unknown. This has made it difficult for historians and scholars to learn more about this ancient civilization. The Indus River Valley was guarded and protected by the Himalayan Mountains and like every ancient civilization it was also home to two rivers, the Indus and Ganges River. The two rivers deposited fertile soil, silt, which served as an important agricultural tool for farmers. The soil was composed of both inorganic and organic matter which was and is still important for all plant life. The soil gave…show more content…
Around 2500 BCE, along the Indus River, an urban civilization emerged and was known as the Harrapan Civilization. The Harrapan Civilization was divided into two major cities, Harrapa, and Mohenjo – daro. The Indus Civilization relied on their farming activities. They developed an irrigation system, which meant that they did not have to be dependent upon the rain to grow their crops. The irrigation system also allowed them to develop a plumbing system that carried wastes away from their homes and brought in clean water for use. These pipes were located underground. The plumbing system and the agricultural farming meant that there was some type of centralized governing system in

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