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Tamora Pierce is a well known American writer of fantasy for young adults. She was born on December 13, 1954 in South Connellsville, Pennsylvania. She had a humble beginning where money was scarce. Even though money was scarce Tamora was gifted books by an uncle. These books were a treasure to her and she still uses books to measure true wealth in life. Her passion for reading developed into passion for making up fanciful stories about brave young heroines who find both adventure and friendship. Her father heard the stories and encouraged her to write them down. This was the beginning of her love for writing. It would be many years before she became a published writer and even longer before she got widespread recognition. Looking at her life through a personality psychology lens can help to understand how Tamora got to where she is in life. Personality psychology is a branch of psychology that tries to look at a person as a whole…show more content…
One of the most influential theories was Albert Bandura’s social learning theory. This theory involves efficacy expectations, observational learning and reciprocal determinism. Efficacy expectations are self beliefs about what a person is capable of behaviorally. These expectancies can effect what a person attempts to do by how well they feel that they can do it. Observational learning is a cognitive process where humans and other animals learn behaviors by watching others perform them. This process of learning can be done without any rewards or punishments needed to motivate learning behavior. The last part of Bandura’s theory is reciprocal determinism which relates to how people shape their environments. A person’s actions are shaped by their environment and the person can change their environment to their benefit. Bandura’s social learning theory can give insight into how Tamora Pierce became the women she is

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