The Controversial Cause Of The Rosenberg Trial

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The Rosenberg trial is one controversial cause which has aroused suspicion regarding illegally transmitted information. In 1950, Julius Rosenberg and his wife were convicted. While the Rosenberg trial convicted two suspects, there are several factors to consider for the verdict. However, our evidence remains questionable, whether trial is misleading. Julius Rosenberg was an electrical engineer for the U.S Army corps. From 1940 to 1945 he worked with the U.S Army Corps. However, during 1950 a comprehensive investigation revealed leaked data footage from Los Alamos, New Mexico. The leaked data represented patterns of the illegally transmitted information. While this quickly arose suspicion the Rosenberg's were confronted by the…show more content…
The Rosenberg’s admitted to the crime and how they did transmit atomic bomb information to the Soviet Union in 1951. consequently, his states, she wasn't involved in the actual transmitting of information, but she was aware of her husband’s actions. In the Sing Sing Prison the Rosenberg's were addressed the death penalty. The Rosenberg Trial was a long lengthy and controversial moment in time. Our evidence speaks for itself. The trial convicted two major suspects and found them guilty. Despite our rejections Soviet Union's rejections to supplement the death Penalty, we favored the Death Penalty as a desired option. The Political conflict over the Rosenberg trial led to this controversial debate. After the United States discovered they were members of the Communist party and withheld information to a Soviet Spy Network, the death penalty was a desired option. Fortunately, this trial expresses our laws of Justice and injustice. While the United States favored the death penalty, many people in Europe claimed they were executed because they were Jewish. Other European countries such as France produced conflicting views about this trial. They believed this trial was a sham, and innocent Jews were being

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