Away Character Analysis

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The main characters are: Don Radcliffe: is a pilot who returns to Brisbane hoping to rescue a failed marriage and to spend more time with his daughter. He has worked in the Pacific Islands for one year with his new two-seater. Judy Radcliffe: is the fourteen years old daughter of Don Radcliffe who lives in a farm with her mother. She is very intelligent and brave, because she is the kind of girl who is willing to take risks. Sylvia: is Don’s ex-wife. She has a relationship with Patrick Forsha. Paul Copeman: is Don’s pilot friend. He is in his late fifties, with white hair and a red face. Beulah Copeman: is Paul’s wife. Patrick Forsha: is a tall business man with shiny black hair. He has a relationship with Sylvia. Summary: Pilot Paul Copeman has been contacted to fly an very old plane called the sugar glider to the Melbourne Air Museum. A government agent offers him a large sum of money to fly to the Warrangi mine and pick up equipment and chemicals. Paul calls his old friend Don Radcliffe to help as a co-pilot. Don has been working in the abroad since he divorced with Sylvia, and wants to spend more time with his daughter Judy. But he is convinced by Paul to fly the Sugar Glider to Melbourne. Sylvia, Patrick Horsha and Judy arrive and Don takes his daughter with him on this flight. The plane can’t…show more content…
Another helicopter arrives with Patrick Forsha and Berjenka. Suddenly Australian Air Force planes appear in the distance. In the panic that follows Patrick shoots Berjenka, then drags Judy into his helicopter. Judy jumps to safety and moments later the helicopter is on fire and bursts into flames. On the ground Judy is overjoyed to see her father alive. It becomes suspicious that Patrick’s plan not only involved illegally selling the uranium, but also murdering Don and maybe judy in order to improve his chances of marrying Sylvia. The story ends with an hint of a reunification between Sylvia and Don.
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