Campuswide Honors Program Research Paper

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Many universities across the nation have honors or regents programs and UC-Irvine is no different. The UC Irvine Campuwide Honors Program provides undergraduates with outstanding pedigrees with a challenging and rewarding educational experience. The Director of the UC Irvine Campuswide Honors Program, Ted Wright, declares that, “The hallmark of the CHP is personal attention, ensuring students have at their fingertips extensive resources and individual guidance.” With its dedication to scholastic excellence and personal growth, I believe that the Campuswide Honors Program has a positive effect on academic performance for students that take part in it. The academic and leadership opportunities offered by the Campuswide Honors Program foster not…show more content…
Audrey Kahane writes, “One way to have the advantages of a small college while attending a large university is through an honors program.” The vast majority of honors programs create a community among their students through special housing and activities orchestrated by the program. By giving students this sense of community, they are no longer bound to get lost in the shuffle while in college. They will instead have a group of people they can go to if they need help academically or socially. This sense of stability goes a long way in increasing academic performance as the student no longer needs to worry about “fitting in” or “finding a friend group”. The Campuswide Honors Program at UC Irvine has the philosophy that “the development of the mind goes hand-in-hand- with the development of the whole person,” (Wright). Through engagement with a highly active honors student council and service to the campus and the community, the individual student becomes not only a genius in the classroom but also outside of it. By enrolling in an honors program, especially at a large school, the student now has the advantage of having a second family, which for freshman just entering college, is crucial to their

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