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General Strain Theory Griselda’s notorious committed crime was largely related to her abusive childhood. When she was only a little child, she suffered from her mother by physically abusing her. That torched her mind to some degree. Thinking of a little girl, raised in a poor family, living in the slum, without parents’ tender love, how could she live in the silt but not imbrued? Like US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) agent Bob Palombo said of her “I don’t think the fact that she was a female trying to prove something had anything to do with her violent behavior; I just think it was inherent to Griselda Blanco. This goes back to her life, the way she was brought up. She was just a violent person (Killers Without Conscience, 2014)”. Her upbringing was violent, neglectful and depraved. This brought up her future kingdom.…show more content…
Based on the traditional strain theory invented by Merton (1938), Robert Agnew raised the general strain theory which is a more comprehensive perspective. It focuses on the individual and his or her immediate social environment. GST views law-breaking behavior as a coping mechanism that enables those who engage in it to deal with the sociomotional problems generated by negative social relations. Agnew (1992) divided strain into three categories: strain as the failure to achieve positively valued goals such as autonomy or financial success; strain as the removal of positively valued stimuli from the individual such as the loss of a romantic partner or the death of a loved one; strain as the presentation of noxious or negatively valued stimuli such as verbal insults or physical

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