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Characterization: An Art in Max Apples "Stepdaughters" Who is a character? "A character is any personage in a literary work who acts, appears, or is referred to as playing a part" (Mays,182). The way a writer represents a character is carefully thought out because our interpretation of a character is dependent upon how the story of this individual is told. The story 'Stepdaughters" by Max Apple, focuses on Helen, her refusal not to let her daughter participate in shot-putting, and why she is opposed to it. The direct characterization of Helen in this story make us understand what makes her tick and why. This analysis will focus on how the different people and circumstances in her life influence her perspective on life. The beginning of…show more content…
I cannot relate to her being disobedient to her mother because the bible says in Colossians 3:20 that " Children, Obey your parents in everything, as this pleases the Lord"(NIV,2363).In my belief, children should not talk back to their parents especially if what the parent is talking about is for said child's good.Agreed,Helen seems vain with the way she talks about Stephanie's appearance and she went to far with cutting down on portions, but overall she is still the parent. All she wants for Stephanie is for her not to lose her femininity based on her experience with women she encountered while she was a Avon lady.The overall findings of the study by Yinh Liu, a genetic psychologist reveals that adolescent beliefs about authority serve as a mediator between authoritarian piety(dutiful regard or respect for parent) and obedience, suggesting that traditional piety still has an influence on parent–child interaction in today's society(Liu). A lot of adolescents have no regard for their parents anymore because they think they can do what they want, or because of the laws that restricts a parent from punishing their child as they seem fit.In my days as an adolescent, my mother will not hesitate to take the same actions that Helen…show more content…
We can argue that his name is "Mr. Harrison" but that just might be Stephanie's last name from her father.It is evident from the story Stephanie does not find it hard to be herself with him.He tells us this when he admits that "when they are alone, she talks to him about her passion"(Mays,137). We can also deduce that he is the one who helps her keep her sanity in the house.When she suggests that "he should pack up his things and leave"(Mays,138). He was able to bring down her guard and make her laugh.Another aspect of this character is his ability to be a flat character.Mays says that " a truly original flat character with only one or two very distinctive traits or behavioral or verbal tics will often more memorable than a round one"(Mays,184). The narrator is definitely the most memorable character to me.He initially suggests that he was jealous of Stephanie's "shrine to her father", "his avoiding going close to

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