Odysseus In Homer's The Odyssey

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Odysseus is brave, strong, handsome, wily, loyal, and confident.He goes on many journeys throughout The Odyssey with the help of his crew his friends, his family, and most of all, Athena. Odysseus wouldn’t have finished his journey without Athena, which shows that Odysseus’ success is dependent on Athena’s advice, protection in battle, and her loyalty. Athena contradicts other Olympians (her extended family) to help Odysseus . But Zeus’s daughter Athena countered him at once. The rest of the winds she stopped right in their tracks, commanding them all to hush now, go to sleep. All but the boisterous North-she whipped him up and the goddess beat the breakers flat before Odysseus, dear to Zeus, so he could reach the Phaeacians,mingle with men…show more content…
Poseidon strengthened the wind in order to shipwreck Odysseus’ boat. But Athena contradicts Poseidon’s harmful actions as a sign of loyalty to Odysseus. This is important because it shows the harsh repercussions Odysseus faced and that he struggled to navigate his ship without the help of Athena. It is also important because Athena goes against a family member and fellow god to help a mortal. It showed that Athena cares for Odysseus and that she can use her power for ‘good’. Athena has the power to control Odysseus’ life just like Poseidon…show more content…
She is extremely committed to helping him that she is almost always available to give advice or tell Odysseus what to do. “Athena urged him on: ‘Royal son of Laertes, Odysseus, old campaigner,/ now is the time, now tell your son the truth.’” (16.187-189). Odysseus is in disguise as a peasant in the swineherds house right after he comes back to Ithaca. Athena tells Odysseus that it is time to reveal himself to his son in order to fight the suitors. Odysseus immediately follows orders and tells Telemachus who he really is. The fact that he revealed himself right after Athena told him to, shows that Athena has an immense amount of control over Odysseus. This is important because Odysseus could have revealed himself at a wrong time and maybe messed up the rest of the plot of the book. Instead, Athena knew that it was the right time to reveal himself just to Telemachus. Athena proves her great amount of reliability towards the end of the story in the war between Odysseus, Telemachus and company vs the suitors. Athena acts as a last resort for Odysseus in battle. “-now Zeus’s daughter

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