Bob's Supermarket Swot Analysis

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Strengths: Bob’s Supermarket has a lot going for it, beginning with dedicated owners who are capable of repairing much of the equipment by themselves, have a strong financial background, and they are not afraid to try new items such as their ready-to-eat meals (Parnell, 2014). They have friendly and helpful employees who greet customers and turn them into repeat customers. The new point of sale program has helped manage inventory and raise profits, and they have the best meat department in the county. Their ready-to-eat meals appear to be popular with the community and their location provides some separation from their main competitors of Walmart, Aldi and Kroger. Another bit of good news for Bob’s Supermarket is their financials show a positive trend of paying down debt and a growing shareholder’s equity. Weaknesses: But Bob’s does have a number of weaknesses. They are losing too many…show more content…
Even local convenience stores and Dollar general may provide some of the necessary “between trip” staples that Bob’s has come to rely on, therefore Bob has a huge number of competitors to be in such a small area. Since, Hanover lacks a true shopping destination and Madison is so close with so many options, many customers are more than willing to make the trip to get their necessities. The fact that minimum wages will be increasing by forty percent over wages from just two years ago has got to be a major impact on Bob’s supermarket and they may have to find ways to reduce costs unless they can get some additional income. That additional income will be difficult to generate as the recession builds and local industries will begin to feel the impact. Even colleges are impacted by recession since many have had to force staff to take unpaid leave and have to turn away qualified candidates due to a lack of scholarship money (Clark,

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