Examples Of Allegory In Dante's Inferno

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Some people don’t always manage to make it through their tough times, but when and if they do, it seems to always be worth it. This is what the allegory of Dante’s Inferno was trying to say. The author, Dante Alighieri, was said to have written this Divine comedy novel because he was experiencing a midlife crisis while dealing with political issues. Although everyone tells us to do the right thing, we all are human and make mistakes; therefore it is up to us to be strong and do what is best for ourselves. In the first canto, Dante is explained to be going through a dark forest all by himself, confused and not knowing how he came upon this place. In life, we often find ourselves in tough situations, scared and/or fearing what comes next, just like Dante. He spots a hill with a bright light shining and since it is dark where he is, he is willing to do anything he can to get to the brightness and out of the gloomy plantation. The beasts that attack him scare him down which is when he come across Virgil who directs him to take a different path and leads him through Hell. Virgil acts as a guide for Dante through the levels of the Inferno. Virgil tells Dante that the woman he was in love with awaited him on the…show more content…
We can see the light at the end of the tunnel and view it as our destination, just how Dante usee Beatrice, his lover, as his inspiration to make it through hell. Once we get through the struggles we are faced with, good things await us. I think anyone you look up to or admire can be your “Virgil” during your Hell. The character, Virgil, stuck by Dante throughout his journey, just like a parent, good friend, or brother/sister would do for you through a hard experience. He even gave up his spot in the Limbo Hell to protect, watch over, and guide
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