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Classification of the American Black Bear The American Black Bear belongs to the Domain “Eukarya”. The domain “Eukarya” means that the organism has cells that have a nucleus and other organelles inside membranes. The next classification down that it belongs to, which is Kingdom, is “Animalia”. Animalia simply means that the organism is multicellular, and the “body plan” becomes consistent/fixed. Examples are birds, fish, mammals, and amphibians. The Phylum for the American black bear is “Chordata”. The phylum “Chordata” means that the organism has a vertebrate, or backbone. For example, we as humans have backbones. Worms, however, do not. The next classification down is class. The class for the Black Bear is “Mammalia”. This class means that the organism is a Mammal. Mammals are all endothermic, which also means “warm-blooded”. Endothermic animals create their own body temperature which makes it possible to adapt in almost every kind of climate on Earth. Furthermore, all mammals have hair on their bodies. If you have ever heard that…show more content…
It treats its young with care until it is old enough to sustain itself. It acquires food through plants and animals. There are approximately 600,000 black bears in North America ( The American Black Bear has dark-black fur, some with golden-brown “eyebrows”, as well as golden-brown fur around the mouth with 42 sharp teeth used for its diet of berries, insects, meat, vegetation, and nuts. It has non-retractable claws that are approximately 1 ¼ inches in length. Its snout is fairly large and slightly rounded. Its ability to smell amazes scientists today. A bear’s sense of smell is so sensitive that it can detect dead animal carcasses upwind, and a distance of 20 miles away. So next time you think you can hide the scent of your food in a campground from a bear, think

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