American Black Bear Research Paper

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What’s told to be a scary, flesh-eating monster? A bear, of course! Bears are mammals that come in eight different species of unique traits and characteristics. A bears interesting diet is an important part of how they live. The bear lives a full and exciting life because they have an interesting way of breeding and surviving. The bears’ characteristics range from a different amount depending on the species. Bears are found in many different northern places. All the different species of fierce bears have a unique way of living, behaving, sensing, eating, and breeding; they all add up to a wonderful creature with fantabulous characteristics. Species Bears are mammals that come in eight different species of unique traits and characteristics. The American Black bear’s scientific name is Ursus Americanus. This bear lives in western North…show more content…
Weight ranges from 60 to more than 1500 pounds! Their tails can be 3 to 5 inches long (“Bear”). The male Sloth bear weighs 240 pounds. Female Sloth bears weigh 220 pounds. Male Sun Bears weigh about 110 pounds, and the female weighs about 100 pounds. A male Grizzly bear weighs 770 pounds while a female weighs only 500 pounds. American Black bear males weigh 285 pounds with the female weighing 175 pounds (Stirling 14). Bears have poor eyesight, fair hearing, and a keen sense of smell. Bears also have very broad molars and a broad head. They have extended jaws, massive frames, heavy paws, and powerful claws. These bears have shaggy coats, short, thick necks, round heads, pointed muzzles, short ears, and small eyes (“Bear”). They have teeth that are meant for killing and eating. They are usually very large with heavy-built legs and bodies. Each foot has five long claws that are non-retractable, meaning not able to be drawn back into the main body. They are flat footed and run fast than us (Stirling

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