America My Dream

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The name America has a bright ring to it. Our country is one of the greatest countries to ever have be in existence. America is truly a beautiful country with its large cities, rolling plains, great snowy mountains, and thick forests. The beliefs and traits of our country will always continue, I believe, no matter what happens. Whether we become extremely successful, or extraordinarily poor. In America’s past we’ve done great things. We’ve abolished slavery, and helped the world in anyway thought possible. But, we’ve had some bad things happen to. We’ve been in countless wars and some of our best presidents had slaves. However, we can’t spend time dwelling on things of the past we must move on as a country. I see a bright future for America, one full of hope. The future I dream of can only happen if we come together as a nation. We must stop arguing over things that we disagree on. Instead we need to swallow our pride and have a decent conversation on what needs to be done.…show more content…
In the past 15 years the national debt has increased by 12 trillion dollars. That is unacceptably high. The debt per person is about 55 thousand dollars. We can not continue down this road as it will lead to disaster. We must get it under control. To do this we need to stop spending money on things that aren’t necessary. For instance, the president plans to spend 15 to 20 million to help students from Indonesia get their masters degree. I do not believe this is necessary. We need to take care of our own problems before we help other. We cannot help others if we can’t handle our own
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