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The American dream has many different definitions to everyone around the world because everyone views the American dream in a different light. The term “American Dream” was first used by the American historian James Truslow Adams in his book "The Epic of America" published in 1931, when America was suffering from the Great Depression. The first European Settlers believed in the basic idea is that every man and every woman shall, regardless of their birth, achieve what there are able to do. Everybody shall be treated and seen equally and be recognized by others for what they are and have reached, referring to their position. The American Dream is the ideal that every US citizen should have an equal opportunity to achieve success and prosperity…show more content…
She put everything she had and gave her best, "All that my soul hungered to give I put into the passion with which I scrubbed floors, scoured pots, and washed clothes". (Yezierska). She pushed her limits and worked as much as she could so she could be successful. No matter how tried she was, she pushed herself as hard as she can so that one day she will be able to have a luxurious peace full life. Which she can share with her family that she may have in the future. She learns to adept the new world she is in, "There was such a freshness in my brains and such a willingness in my heart I could go on and on—not only with the work of the house, but work with my head—learning new words from the children, the grocer, the butcher, the iceman. I was not even afraid to ask for words from the policeman on the street". (Yezierska). She tried to blend in with the people she was around, learn their language and the way they live their lives. She was happy that everyone is so friendly and nice that she didn’t fear in talking to the police. She had the freedom to do anything she want while working hard to achieve it and gain a successful life out of

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