R/S Kelli's Alcohol Case Study

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R/s on Friday night, Kelli had been drinking alcohol a lot and fell on top of Kayla (14) causing her to hit her head on the headboard. R/s Kelli pulled Kayla by the hair, scratch her on the arm, and grabbed her by the throat after Kayla pushed her off. R/s Kayla has a little scratch on her right forearm. R/s Kelli fell on the floor and she tried to bit Kayla’s ankle as Kayla dragged her out of the room. R/s Tom (stepfather) was home but he didn’t do anything. R/s Kelli was drinking again last night, and she slapped and smacked Kayla in the face because Kayla didn’t complete all of her homework. R/s Kayla doesn’t feel safe going home or being around her mother. R/s it was reported that Kelli has been drinking a lot lately. R/s Kayla

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