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The American Dream or The American Nightmare? The American Dream is supposed to be seen as an opportunity for all Americans to have success. But is it really doing that? The American dream originated from people from other countries wanting a better life from themselves and looked to america for this life. Today this dream seems to hurt more than it helps the people of america. To me this dream is only believed by those who have achieved it. To the others who have not achieved it, this seems to be a nightmare. Indeed the american dream works, but for a small amount of people only, while the majority of americans struggle. An article i read in “ The Atlantic “ showed a comparison of high school students in the ‘90s to the students of the 2010’s. It showed how they believed in the american dream and how it would affect college. The students from the ‘90s believed with hard work anything was possible, today students believe that if you work hard you can go far but without opportunity and funds you will be behind. A student from 2011 said “You can always work hard, but if you aren’t given the…show more content…
“ It talked about how the american dream was made practically after the declaration of independence. That all men were made equal and should be kept that way. But talked about if we are such a great country then why are we falling behind? From the article it says “If all men are created equal, how did the American Dream thrive throughout the country’s shameful period of slavery and before suffrage? And even now, with strides towards equality getting bigger by the day, how is it possible that one of the fastest growing and most culturally important industries is falling behind?” This shows that if we are built so high up on what we say why are we below? Tying this back to my claim again, This shows that america is a country built on what we say and how we are portrayed but don’t have everything to back it

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