Rhetorical Analysis Of John Kerry's Audacity Of Hope

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“Through hard work and perseverance my father got a scholarship to study in a magical place, America, that shone as a beacon of freedom and opportunity to so many who had come before.” This was the introduction to Barack Obama’s 2004 Keynote Address, which was his first speech in front of a substantial amount of people. His “Audacity of Hope,” speech led to people learning more about him before he actually went to run for president 4 years later. The Presidential Race was mainly between John Kerry and George W. Bush at this time, and Barack Obama was trying to get people to understand that John Kerry has America’s best interest. Throughout Barack Obama’s piece, he uses proper organization, personal experiences, and syntactical devices to let America know, that everyone works to a similar goal which is to meet the American dream, through backgrounds and visions for America. So he supports John Kerry. Obama uses organization throughout his speech to explain that the American dream is something that John Kerry understands. Near the beginning of the speech he states “They imagined -- They…show more content…
In the text, he stated “From his heroic service to Vietnam, to his years as a prosecutor and lieutenant governor, through two decades in the United States Senate, he's devoted himself to this country.” This is a very well written sentence and includes periodic style in it. He also included abstract words within this sentence making the essay more powerful and detailed. He also stated “The people I meet -- in small towns and big cities, in diners and office parks -- they don’t expect government to solve all their problems.” This is a convoluted sentence and it adds a strong emphasis that the people he meets “don’t expect government to solve all their problems.” This then relates back to how John Kerry will give people what they want. This is how Obama used syntactical devices in his

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