Save The Animals: Stop Animal Testing, By Heather Dunnuck

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In “ Save the animals: Stop animal testing” 2013, Heather Dunnuck states that animals should not be tested on. It is cruel and inhumane to test on the animals of nature to greater suit our lives as humans. I feel that all animal testing and animal cruelty should be stopped immediately. I am very involved with nature, animals, and love to be in the outdoors. “The American Veterinary Medical Association defines animal pain as an unpleasant sensory and emotional experience perceived as arising from a specific region of the body and associated with actual or potential tissue damage”(Dunnuck). In the article “Save the animals: Stop animal testing” Heather Dunnuck uses the persuasive technique of logos, therefore, giving many facts and details about different animal testing incidents. I agree with Heather Dunnuck and feel that the animals do not need to go through the pain that the experimental labs put them through. The animals should not be put through such pain and torture to try and better suit our life. “Pain is a state of consciousness, a “mental event”, and such it can never be observed. Behavior like screaming, writhing, and whimpering can show signs of pain. Pain is something that we feel, and we can only infer that others are feeling it”(Singer).…show more content…
I agree with Vernon because animals and humans have many differences. There are some similarities but most details are different. We say animals and humans are very alike, but how much of that do we really know? Why should we test on animals to better suit our lives as humans when we do not know how alike we are. “We have spent billions of dollars to cure cancer in mice, but so far have failed to replicate human cancer in any animal, let alone close in on a cure. All but a very few diseases are species-unique, and the only efficient and effective way to discover cures and create vaccines is through the use of the same species' cells, tissues and

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