El Otro Lado: The American Dream

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“There’s not a black America and white America and Latino America and Asian America; there’s the United States of America”--Barack Obama. Powerful America, impacts millions of individuals throughout the world. American Dreams are created by immigrants who come from all over to elevate themselves. In contrasting, Reyna Grande, when young, viewed “El Otro Lado” as a place who forced parents to abandon their children. In the Distance Between Us: a Memoir, Reyna hoped “he cycle of leaving children behind would end” (222). She grew hate and anger toward America not knowing eight years later, it would become of the best opportunities given to her. Reyna grows to explain “The United States is my home: it is the place who allowed me to dream, and later, to make those dreams a reality” (320). America gives Reyna an opportunity to study and dream like no other country. But, for her mother, Juana, America was a place of betrayal. Her husband cheated and left her for another woman, an American. Juana was so angered by this infidelity, it also influenced her actions towards her daughter, Betty, a U.S citizen deprived from the American Dream. America transformed Mago dramatically, changing all perspectives about Mexico and forgetting her true origin. Mago adapted too easily to certain aspects…show more content…
Reyna and her family found themselves worrying about learning the ABC, s to Halloween costumes to college scholarships and marriages/divorces. One major and memorable event was Mago graduating from high school and taking the fists step to accomplishing her dream. Later, Grande kids received their Green Cards and many opportunities and doors were opened. Reyna expressed her determination by stating “Now, all I had to do was focus on why I was there-to make my dreams a reality” (318) overcoming all obstacles they once came

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