How To Write A Book Report On The Call Of The Wild

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Call of The Wild was a great book. What I liked most about this book was that towards the ending Buck and John Thornton finally had a friendship and Buck didn’t live or owned by someone who didn’t beat him, didn’t make him fight other dogs, or who let Buck have a life he will never forget. Buck always lived with people who beat him with clubs and made him fight with other dogs and as soon as John Thornton got him he didn’t have to do anything like that and he lived a peaceful life with Thornton. Until John died. As soon as Buck approached him after his death he already knew that he was gone… What I didn’t like about the book was that in Chapter 2 of the book Buck got pans and other items thrown at him just because he walked in Francois and Perrault’s tent. When he was at Judge Miller’s house all of the men would sleep in tents and buck thought that was where he was sleeping. So, after he got kitchen items thrown at him he walked to the back of the tent and he fell into a whole in the snow and then he saw that the other dogs are digging holes in the snow to keep warm at night and to have somewhere comfy to sleep. and the next morning he got SO scared because over night it had snowed a lot and…show more content…
The conflict is that Buck moved from place to place and when he reached alaska he got meaner and his owners beat him for no reason, and the people of the Klondike gold rush are wanting to get the gold and Buck has to be tamed and trained to get up the steep mountains. The way this story is foreshadowing is because the book was told piece by piece and you could tell when Buck was going to get beaten or when he was going to get hurt. The most powerful piece of literature is the setting because when Buck was living with Judge Miller he was treated fair and he wasn’t mean at all. Then, when he started to live with Francois and Perrault he got meaner. When he switched places it changed his attitude and his

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