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ALLUVIUM is a character driven psychological, dramatic thriller. The writing style features a chillingly unique voice. The script delivers a subtly, eerie, and un-nerving plot. The tone is highly alluring, offering several twists and turns. One is never quite sure of the plot’s direction, making it unpredictable and mesmerizing. Several subplots come together weaving a disturbingly, beguiling script. The story is driven by the theme of revenge. The protagonist, a troubled and tortured artist, is essentially crafting a cunning plot of revenge against the people he believes is responsible for stealing his “perfect” artwork. He lost out on the opportunity to “escape” from home. From his perspective, this changes his entire life. The protagonist’s goal only becomes clear near the end. The stakes for Taelon are not well defined, although he seeks…show more content…
He explains this at the end, but the explanation feels a bit forced. He says he was going to kill himself, but it’s not clear why. It might be more effective and powerful if when he finds the artwork buried, that the story flashback to how his mother pulled off stealing the art i.e. did she pay someone? How did she get it out? Then show (without dialogue) that he’s told about the missing piece and then show him disfiguring his hand from the opening – this will help put all the pieces together. This may work more effectively than the montage/series of shots of hands. Continue to cut non-essential scenes. For example, there’s no need for the scene on page 25 showing Olivia at the dig site. Consider combining the two Olivia/Peter scenes into one scene. The main reveal is Peter’s past relationship with an older man. The idea of Peter and the flint isn’t fully understood. The scene on page 92 with Alexa and the photos is not essentials. Consider tightening/shortening the scene between Alexa and Maxie/Joey on the Greek

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