Othello Tragic Hero

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It was strange to realize that Emilia, was also willing to die to reveal the truth – which was that Desdemona had been innocent and pointed out her husband Iago, of foul play that led Othello mistakenly murder Desdemona. At the same time, it can be analyzed that Desdemona loved Othello no matter what till the end – because when Emilia asks who did this to her in Desdemona’s final moments, she says that it was a suicide. Finally, at the end, Othello is shattered when he realizes that Desdemona had been innocent and loyal; what he had done - makes the story a tragedy with the suicide of Othello. I think the character Othello is a good example of a ‘tragic dead hero’. He was too gullible. The death of Othello in this play is very much similar

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